Unique Things about Sasak


There are lots of advantages to Lombok vacation because of continue holiday is actually unjust for fun.. Along with relieving pressure on the seaside (find out more info on Surga Wisata - Lombok Journey), create buddies that are new, taste Lombok normal food, we could also attempt to learn more.

Sasak tribe may be the unique cultural label Lombok Area. The populace inhabiting Sasak Lombok Area is roughly 2.5 million. There are lots of fascinating details about these tribes, for example:

Custom wedding

The fact various in the conventional wedding and that only a little astonishing is usually observed in conventional relationship. At that time desired to get married, the person requested for that benefit of the parents of the girl and did not arrived at the ladies. Instead, males ladies operating with a few relatives. This custom is known as fascinating.


Another factor that is distinctive is based on the language. Sasak language is just a vocabulary that is cognate using the folks of Sumbawa and Lombok vocabulary likewise frequently experienced in Bali. Language is extremely varied and certainly will be recognized from the department of the location, specifically Kuto-Kute (Sasak the northern), Ngeto-Ngete (Sasak Northeastern), Meno-Mene (middle), Ngeno-Ngene (Middle-east and west middle), and Meriaq-Mriku (south-central).

Typical house

If you like to understand more carefully Sasak, you will need the best hotel for rentals. Wish your vacations enjoyable and in Lombok effective!

Custom houses Sasak tribe even be an appeal for that visitors to understand more concerning this tribe existence. New style is extremely special. Sasak barn-formed home is having one-door only.

Business with Future Brother-in-Law, Why Not?


Lets doing business! Do not have enough capital? Or have not dared to go it alone? There is no harm to invite prospective brother-in-law to share capital and business tasks.

Believe it or not, just this year I had 2 years of doing business with my boyfriend is brother (future brother-in-law). Perhaps, my friends think if awkward run business with the closest girlfriends? If baseball conflict still no problem. But, if the conflict is certainly a relationship with a girlfriend affected. So far, I and future brother-in-law are fine really. It is not because influenced by the following two factors:

Had the same hobby

I and future brother-in-law are both hobby collect unique clothes. Whatever price is offered, we can be sure we will try to get the clothes. In our opinion, unique clothes not only can be used in order to look attractive appearance but also can be resold at a price that is still okay. This is what makes us take the initiative to open a clothing store together. We buy grosir baju online on this site to fill a clothes shop.

Have an age-appropriate

If future brother-in-law has aged far above or below me, maybe I'm not so “disconnected" or too awkward to speak. But I happen and future brother-in-law has the equivalent age together 25 years. Whether because of such things, I and future brother-in-law “come in" and enjoy while talking. Without realizing it in conversation, we thought to benefit in the same business.

Doing business with future brother-in-law, why not? Especially if he has the same hobby and commensurate with our age.


Make Employees Work Optimally


One of the important things that can support business performance is employee. Unfortunately, some business owners often neglect their employees so that employees feel uncomfortable. Are you one of those business owners? If so, stop doing so because you will regret it sooner or later. It is good to pay attention to the comfort of the employees so that they can work optimally.
Here are the things that can make employees work optimally:

Clear and polite instructions

Sometimes, work instructions are usually delivered ambiguous and unclear so that employees feel confused and uncomfortable. This can cause serious problems between you and your employees. Read here to know how to give instructions well. To avoid this problem and make the employees work properly, give clear and polite instructions. For example, if you ask them to gather news about forex trading, it is conveyed clearly and also provides a source of information that they can use to get the material. Here, you are advised to visit the Forex IMF to obtain information and the latest news about foreign exchange.


What do you feel when you get bonus? You definitely feel happy, is not it? The same was felt by employees when you give them bonus. Give bonuses for employees who work overtime, success getting a new contract, or complete projects on time. If you run a clothing store, consider giving bonus for employees who work optimally. Do not forget to tell other employees about these bonuses so they can motivate themselves to work optimally. Remember, the bonus is not always in the form of money but also travel package or discount shopping.

Training program

Offer training programs for employees so that they can compete with others and improve their skill and knowledge. As a business owner, you probably never thought about it, but believe it or not, most employees need training program.

Engage Next Digital to Get Social Media Marketing Solutions!


20150116-social_media_marketing.pngA couple of days before, I get yourself a suggestion from the friend to-use the Following Digital's companies which supplies marketing technique that is internet. Nadi or Next Digital Indonesia is perusahaan web design Jakarta that understands the business better. I want right now could be the advertising providers through social-media presented of delivering enterprise to FB etc. to grasp the customer, the value.

Next Digital delivers social-media advertising providers together with the insurance that is subsequent:

Managing the brand

Another period could be the company management. On the planet of internet marketing, company administration is vital to be able to preserve getting care undue to opposition and company value. Within this company administration, Electronic Next staff can do its far better keep a great understanding of buyers towards the company item.

Managing negative reviews

At-will, comments can be left by customers in social-networking. What-if they smelled bad and unfavorable responses? Undoubtedly this should be handled in this technique prevent situations and in addition in order never to defame the company. Next Electronic likewise enters this phase within social networking marketing's support.

Making a report

For advertising through social media marketing that's being performed ultimately, the organization offers a document creation. It's important measure and to observe the approach. If it's more ineffective, possibly there has to be development and change.

Building a fanpage

The organization can start in the produce fanpage, to aid companies in advertising through social network. Their group could make even a fanbase that's qualified or a fanpage. In the mark industry prior to these products, other words / services provided. To make a fanpage other activities which is deemed may be standard data the brand, and threads.

Pertanyaan sebelum Membeli Rumah Baru


Semua orang pasti ingin memiliki tempat tinggal yang baik untuk mendukung kehidupan. Sayangnya, kebanyakan orang yang berencana untuk membeli rumah baru tidak merencanakan dan bertanya pada diri sendiri apakah mereka benar-benar membutuhkan tempat tinggal baru sehingga mereka menyesal pada akhirnya. Di samping itu, sebagian dari mereka juga masih bertanya apakah yang mereka lakukan adalah investasi atau spekulasi?

Jika Anda juga berencana untuk membeli rumah baru dalam waktu dekat, silakan buat rencana dan bertanya pada diri sendiri apakah Anda siap untuk memiliki, merawat dan memperbaiki rumah Anda? Jika Anda sudah yakin dengan pilihan Anda, sebaiknya jawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan ini terlebih dahulu sehingga Anda dapat membeli rumah yang tepat:


Berapa banyak uang Anda?

Ada banyak orang yang ingin membeli rumah baru dan besar. Mereka biasanya mengikuti keinginan dan gengsi mereka tanpa memperhatikan kondisi finansial mereka. Untuk itu, Anda harus realistis! Jika Anda hanya memiliki uang senilai 500 juta rupiah, sebaiknya beli rumah baru yang ditawarkan kurang dari 500 juta tidak lebih. Jika Anda mengikuti keinginan Anda semata, Anda akan memiliki hutang dan kekurangan uang.

Dimana lokasi rumah itu?

Beberapa orang membeli rumah baru karena mereka hanya melihat penampilan rumah. Apakah itu baik? Tentu saja tidak. Bayangkan jika Anda membeli rumah yang indah dan modern yang terletak di jauh dari fasilitas umum. Bagian terburuk adalah jika rumah Anda tidak dapat diakses, Anda akan mendapatkan kesulitan dalam mengakses atau meminta bantuan dari tetangga ketika Anda mendapatkan masalah.

Apakah Anda mau bekerja sama dengan agen real estate?

Karena merasa pintar dan mengetahui apa yang harus dilakukan, banyak orang tidak mau bekerja sama dengan agen real estate ketika membeli rumah baru. Apakah Anda berencana untuk melakukan hal yang sama? Jika Anda melakukannya, sadarilah bahwa bekerja sama dengan agen real estat dapat membantu Anda menemukan rumah yang tepat dengan lokasi yang strategis dan harga yang wajar. Tentu saja dengan membeli rumah yang pas untuk Anda, Anda bisa menghabiskan waktu berkualitas bersama ayah, ibu dan keluarga tercinta.

Discipline Your Workers



To discipline and improve the discipline of my employees, I chose to work with Ricky Boenardy which is one of the best motivator in Indonesia. To get more information, please visit http://pembicara.org/. In addition, in order to ease me to monitor the discipline of my workers, I do some important things. Btw, do you want to know what I have done so you get the ease of disciplining your employees? If you do, read this information below:

Install surveillance cameras

Surveillance camera functions to record all the moments at your office any time so that you can determine the activities of workers during office hours. Moreover, by installing cameras in some parts of the office, such as: meeting room, workspace, and lobby, you can make workers feel afraid of doing bad actions, such as: coming late or skipping work.

Use digital absent

Stop relying on manual absent because workers can manipulate data easily. To help you determine the detailed employee attendance data, use digital absent. This device allows you to know when your workers come to office and go home accurately. It also helps you calculate the number of working hours so that you can determine how much salary and bonus that you should provide.

Install spy application on their gadget

If you facilitate your workers with the phone, do not forget to install surveillance application. This application is used to track the location of mobile phone, monitor incoming and outgoing calls, and know the history of web browsing, messaging conversations, and use of the application in real time. Thus, you can lock their gadget quickly and then reprimand or scold them if they abuse their gadget. By doing this, there is no reason for workers not to work optimally and maintain their discipline.
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